Training Overview

This training is a series of productivity modules coupled with productivity coaching for the participants. There is a series of four two-hour remote trainings conducted on email, time, task and meeting management. After the training series, each participant has a two-hour individual session with a productivity coach to customize the skills and systems learned in the training. Our coaches have real-life experience as productivity professionals. They will provide each participant with specific guidelines and recommendations based on their job and personality. This training combined with hands-on approach with participants provides accountable, sustainable, and real change in the participants productivity.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn the three key strategies to managing email 
  • Learn the five steps to process email inboxes
  • Learn strategies to tag and identify email action items
  • Learn the four ways to organize, save and file email messages
  • Understand the options to archive email messages
  • Gain strategies on how to deal with large inboxes
  • Learn about the advanced search functions within the email system
  • Learn how to maximize functionality with email systems to improve efficiency
  • Gain skills on how to manage email with mobile devices
  • Understand how to identify, choose and track priorities
  • Learn the different types of tasks and how best to manage and accomplish them
  • Review the type and benefits of different task list systems
  • Understand how to track and maintain task lists
  • Understand how to use the task list system in productivity apps
  • Learn the four steps to managing task lists
  • Gain tips on how to get tasks done in your day and week
  • Understand the 7 reasons why task lists fail
  • Learn strategies on how to focus and multi-task effectively
  • Understand time management principles and theory
  • Understand the four major challenges to time management
  • Understand the process of prioritization and developing systems to identify priorities
  • Gain strategies for successful calendar management to improve time allocation
  • Learn how to utilize calendar functions in productivity applications more effectively
  • Learn the six steps to effectively planning your day/week
  • Learn the four steps to being more proactive and less reactive
  • Understand the best working zone to accomplish the right tasks in the right place
  • Learn to manage distractions and interruptions successfully
  • Understand the common challenges to meetings
  • Learn the five questions to ask before planning a meeting
  • Identify the key aspects to cover when planning an agenda
  • How to develop rules of engagement for high-impact meetings
  • Learn key skills in running and facilitating meetings
  • Gain strategies on how to track meeting note information via OneNote or Evernote

Training Details

  • Class Size: 25 participants
  • Materials: Hand-out provided
  • Seminar Location: In-person or conducted remotely

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