Training Overview

Some people waste as much as 25% of their day searching for information, both on paper and digitally. Currently, document growth is expected to grow by 200% annually and an average of $250 in labor costs is spent recreating lost documents. It is vital that employees understand how to appropriately manage, organize and store company records and information. This is not only essential to a company’s business operations, but key to improving efficiency and productivity. 

In this training, participants will learn how to manage records and documents more effectively. Participants will understand the fundamentals of organizing and concepts to apply to good records management. They will learn how to create an effective and intuitive filing system to manage paper, email and digital records. They will also learn how to process incoming information and how to keep data in a digital format to improve efficiency and decrease paper handling. 

Learning Objectives

Training Details

  • Seminar Length: 2 hours
  • Class Size: 25 participants
  • Materials: Handout provided
  • Seminar Location: Conducted remotely

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