Officiency® provides effective solutions to improve operations, processes, records management, communication and productivity

Productivity Coaching for Individuals

Our productivity coaches help employees enhance systems to streamline workflow and improve productivity.

Digital File Organization

We assist organizations in creating sound document management through developing a file structure and guidelines for shared drive networks, cloud-based document systems and local drives.

Operations and Process Improvement

We help improve workflow and office systems, processes and procedures.

Operational Planning

We assist organizations in operational planning with developing clear actions and implementation strategies.

Meeting Facilitation

We provide facilitation services to maximize the time your team has together to create clear and actionable results.

Leadership Transition

We assist organizations during leadership changes to ensure a smooth transition.

Paperless Office

We assist your organization in reducing paper in workflow processes.

Sustainability Consulting

We provide assessments, strategy plans and training to assist organizations in becoming more eco-friendly and sustainable.

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