Workplace Productivity

This two-day workshop is unique from other productivity trainings because Officiency trainers provide additional coaching to participants to customize the skills and systems learned in the training.

Time and Email Productivity

This workshop focuses on the theory of managing time and email effectively. In depth instruction is provided on how to us electronic productivity tools to more effectively manage the calendar, email, contacts and tasks.

Record and Document Management

Participants will learn how to manage records and documents more effectively; understand the fundamentals of organizing and concepts to apply to good records management; and learn how to create an effective and intuitive filing system to manage paper, email and digital records.

On-Demand Email Management Training

Our Email Management Training elearning series offers instruction on how to manage, sort, file, track, organize email with specific instructions on Outlook and Gmail functions. . Our online trainings let workers to learn anywhere, anytime from any computer with Internet access.

Increase Productivity with Microsoft Outlook

This training will focus on taking the next step with Outlook functionality to improve managing day-to-day workflow. Participants’ will understand the fundamentals of managing one’s time effectively and how this relates to using the Calendar and schedule functions.

Increase Productivity with Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote interacts with Microsoft Outlook and Teams and can be used to track meeting notes, projects, ideas, lists and action items. In this training, you will not only learn the basic functionality of OneNote but how to use it to be more efficient and productive with your meetings and projects.

Email Management & Etiquette

This workshop will focus on appropriate email etiquette as well as email management techniques. As the primary communication tool, it is vital to have solid communications within the workplace be consistent, relevant, and professional.​

Achieve Work Life Balance

This workshop will focus on how workers can gain more work/life balance into their life. First participants to identify and clarify what work/life balance means to them. Then, through a series of exercises, develop their own work/life balance plan.

High Impact Meetings

This workshop empowers managers and employees to improve the quality and effectiveness of meetings - both in-person and virtually. Learn how to effectively facilitate and participate to create successful interactions and achieve outcomes.

Speaking & Presentations

From motivational to practical, we offer a variety of short, inspiring presentations. Presentations can be customized for conferences, events, company meetings, membership organizations, community groups and special events.

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