Officiency’s productivity coaches assist employees to develop workflow systems so they feel in control of their workday and increase their personal productivity. 

Through a hands-on, customized approach, we work with individuals remotely to transform their organizational habits can so they can be more efficient and effective. In our productivity coaching sessions, participants learn strategies to manage email, tasks, calendar and meeting notes.

Coaching sessions require a two-hour minimum, but can span 4-8 hours depending on goals of the participants.

4 Steps to Improving Productivity

Email Management

We will provide key strategies and methods to manage daily email. We will review the best methods of saving and organizing email messages and develop a customized filing structure. We will also review the key functions to maximize utilization in email systems such as Outlook and Gmail.

Time and Task Efficiency

We will assess current time management practices and habits by reviewing the individuals’ current method of tracking and managing appointments and priorities. We will discuss how to utilize functionality of tracking tasks and actions items in productivity tools such as Outlook and Gmail. Coaching will include how participants can improve managing time and support getting tasks done. 

Meeting Note and Information Management

Microsoft OneNote is an excellent meeting and note-taking application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. With so many meetings and projects it can be challenging to track notes and information via paper. OneNote can solve this problem. It interacts with Microsoft Outlook and can be used to track meeting notes, projects, ideas, lists and action items. Participants will learn the basic functionality of OneNote but how to use it to be more efficient and productive with meetings and projects. 

Computer Organization 

We can assist individuals to develop a digital file structure and organize their electronic documents. Document locations on local drives, cloud-based systems and other IT systems will be assessed and best location clarified. Participants will gain strategies on how to name documents and manage versions

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