Training Overview

Microsoft Outlook today is the primary productivity tool for most office workers. It is the central hub of all incoming information including email, meetings and tasks. Employees can improve their productivity by increasing their understanding of Outlook and its capabilities. In this training, participants will gain an in-depth knowledge on how to utilize Microsoft Outlook more effectively.

This training assumes participants are current users of Outlook and understand the basics. The training will focus on taking the next step with Outlook functionality to improve managing day-to-day workflow. Participants’ will understand the fundamentals of managing one’s time effectively and how this relates to using the Calendar and schedule functions. Participants will also learn how to manage email more efficiently using Outlook functionality and preferences. The task function in Outlook is the feature most underutilized. In this training, participants will gain a better understanding of how to utilize To Do app and task feature to get priorities done!

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn the three key strategies to managing email in Outlook
  • Learn the five steps to process email inboxes in Outlook
  • Learn strategies to tag, flag and identify email action items in Outlook
  • Learn the four ways to organize, save and file email messages in Outlook
  • Learn to sort and organize incoming email utilizing folders and Rules
  • Learn how to utilize various views to manage email more effectively
  • Understand how to use the Search Folders to find emails quickly
  • Understand how to convert emails into Calendar and Task items
  • Gain strategies on how to deal with large inboxes in Outlook
  • Learn how to replicate text easily with Templates, QuickSteps or Quick Parts
  • Learn how to automate multiple functionalities with use of Quick Steps
  • Understand the various user options and preferences available for email in Outlook
  • Understand how to maximize new appointment functionality in Outlook
  • Learn how to share calendars and see colleagues’ availability to schedule meetings
  • Understand the view options and how to customize views in the calendar window
  • Learn how to see multiple calendars in an Overlay view
  • Learn how to utilize categories and colors to support time management goals
  • Learn how to easily send your calendar availability to external individuals
  • Gain strategies for viewing the calendar to improve time allocation and planning your day/week
  • Understand the various user options and preferences available for calendar in Outlook
  • Learn how to create new tasks through email, calendar and task windows as well as the To Do app
  • Learn the different types of tasks and how best to manage them in Outlook
  • Learn how to utilize categories for Tasks
  • Understand how to assign and delegate tasks using Outlook or Planner
  • Understand the view options and how to customize views in the task window
  • Learn the four steps to managing and updating tasks in Outlook
  • Understand the 7 reasons why task lists fail using Outlook
  • Understand how Outlook tasks interact and sync with mobile devices and Microsoft Teams
  • Strategies for managing notes and information with Contacts
  • How to set up Contact Groups
  • How to utilize categories for Contacts
  • How to view and search contacts easily
  • Understand the various options and preferences available for contacts in Outlook

Training Details

  • Seminar Length: 4 hours
  • Class Size: 25 participants
  • Materials: Hand-out provided
  • Seminar Location: In-person or conducted remotely

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