Get started being more productive, organized and efficient in your office

The hosts of the podcasts are nationally recognized productivity consultants Shawn Kershaw of Shawn Kershaw, Inc. and K.J. McCorry of Officiency, Inc. Together they bring you tips in an engaging, humorous and motivating manner so that you can get started being more productive, organized and efficient in your office.

Podcast Library

Email, Calendar and Task Management

Managing Incoming Emails

Tips on how to manage incoming emails.

Cool Tips to Use in Outlook Calendar

Learn additional features in Outlook calendar to improve efficiency.

How to Get Tasks Done

Tips on how to manage tasks and task lists.

Choosing the Right Tool to Track Your Task List

Tips on choosing a tool, whether paper or electronic, to track action items and tasks.

Record and Document Management

Managing Incoming Paper

Tips on how to manage incoming paper and the best ways to organize the paper before taking action.

Turning Piles into Files

Tips on developing a paper filing system.

Tracking Usernames and Passwords

Learn tips on how to organize and find username and passwords.

Going Paperless in Your Office

Simple ways to reduce the paper in your office.

Eliminating Post-it Notes

Tips on how to reduce and manage post-it notes in your office.

Take Time To Read

Tips on how to get to that stack of reading material.

Digital File Organization

Organizing Your Computer Desktop

Information on ways to organize your computer desktop.

Using Windows Explorer More Effectively

Tips on how to use Windows Explorer to organize and retrieve electronic documents.

Finding Files Again-Search Techniques on Your Computer

Learn tips on how to find files and documents on your computer.

Productivity and Communication

Powerful Meeting Facilitation

Tips on conducting and facilitating meetings.

Face to Face Time with Administrative Assistants

Tips on planning meeting time with administrative assistants.

How to Delegate Effectively

Tips for managers on how to delegate effectively.

Managing and Minimizing Interruptions

Tips on how to manage interruptions in the workplace.

Using the 80/20 Principle to be More Efficient

How the 80/20 Principle can be used to improve efficiency and productivity.