Most of us perform our daily tasks at our desk near the computer. Often this is not the best place to do certain activities or priority tasks that take more concentration and less distraction. Activities such as strategic thinking, reading, writing and development often require a different environment to assist in changing the mindset to help perform those tasks more quickly and efficiently. An advantage of technology tools, telework and remote work environments is that workers can now utilize the right environment for the right activity.

Here is one type of zone environment each worker should have ;

 Active-communication zone

Most of us are located in the “active-communication” zone every day. This zone is usually at a person’s desk where the computer and phone are placed. This is the area where we check e-mail, manage day-to-day tasks, and conduct central communications via e-mail and phone. It is a busy environment where we are accustomed to multitasking and providing immediate response. This location is often in an officewide “open” setting and conducive to employee interruptions. Although a necessary and primary zone for most workers, this is not the best zone or environment to accomplish certain tasks that require more thoughtful attention and less external distraction.

Time Management: Working in the Right Environment for the Right Activity—The Active Communication Zone