Find Your Documents: Insert File Path Directory in the Header/ Footer of a Document

Often users forget where documents should be filed or re-saved. Authors can add in the file path and directory in the header/ footer tool to make it easy for other users to find and locate the document on the shared drive.

In Microsoft Office 2007, go to the “Insert” tab; choose “Header” or “Footer.” Choose “Blank” header/ footer from the context menu and a “Header & Footer Tools” ribbon bar will automatically appear as shown in the screen shot below. Click on the “Quick Parts” icon and choose “Field” to open the “Field” dialogue box, which is shown below. In the “Field names” column, choose “FileName.” Also check the box next to “Add path to filename” located in the upper right hand corner of the dialog box. Click OK out of the dialogue box and the file name and path will automatically be located in the header or footer. If the file is renamed or moved, it will automatically be reflected in the document and does not need to be added again.

Recommended Task Management Apps

Task lists can be tracked in multiple tools. The key is finding the right tool. The following are electronic to-do and task management tools and application suggestions for those individuals that do not have one of the standard productivity tools such as Outlook, ACT, Lotus Notes, etc. which have task lists included in them.  Although there are a lot of task apps in the market, here are a few we recommend;

•          Remember the Milk: A great free task tool that syncs with Google mail, allows tasks to be emailed as reminders and has a good platform to manage separate tasks lists and projects.

•          G-Tasks A free task app that syncs your Android phone with Google Tasks.  You can view your tasks on any mobile devise.

•          Toodledo. A task list with more functionality then the simplified Google Tasks but not as robust as Remember the Milk. You can add a Toodledo sidebar to the Google Calendar.

•          Cozi This online time management tool was specifically designed for families. It has calendar, task lists, reminders and shopping lists. This way no matter where any family member is, they can access and add information.

•          iPrioritize An online task list that will email tasks to you and also can be viewed from mobile handheld devises.

•          Jibidee an online calendar, task list that can be shared with friends and family. It also has a place to save, create and change documents.

If you would like training for your staff and employees on task management, see our course Getting Tasks Done for more details. Or contact us for pricing and more information.