TitanPad: Shared Document Collaboration for Meetings

TitanPad allows users to work and type in a document at the same time. There is no signup required. Simply click on “Create Public Pad” and a “new document” will open.  You can import a document or just create new text from scratch. You can add users to this pad by simply “inviting” them via email. It provides eight distinctive colors for each person to use. After you finish you can export the document as Word, HTML, PDF or plain text.

TitanPadThis is useful if your team is on a bridge line and conference line and need to collaborate on a document in real time. Or need to track meeting notes quickly. No waiting to get an online meeting set up or Google Doc started.


Digital Pens instead of Note Pads for Meetings

Tired of all those scattered meeting notes and tablets?

Another upcoming product on the market is the digital pen, which records electronically the movement of the pen on paper. It then can be connected to a computer and transferred into software that will display the notes or convert it to text. This keeps an electronic running archive of all meeting notes, and you can discard the paper tablets.

There are few good products rated well on the market;
1. Echo Smartpen by LiveScribe
2. Pulse Smartpen by LiveScribe
3. Capturx for OneNote