Hojoki: Collaboration Space for Cloud-Based Apps

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With the advent of cloud-based document management systems, such as Google Drive, DropBox, SugarSync, SkyDrive, we now have the problem of having information and documents in multiple places. So where did you file that document? And in what system?

Hojoki is an app that provides a way to see all your cloud-based apps in one view. It integrates Google Drive, Google Calendar, Evernote, Dropbox and Pocket plus about 25 more different apps. It has universal cloud search capabilities. It also allows teams to create customized workspaces that you can add folders from multiple cloud-based systems such as Google Drive and DropBox. It also has a basic task list however it does not give the capabilities of due or start dates. Take the demo and see if it might work for you.

This article from Fast Company also provides a good overview of hojoki.

Organizing Cloud Based Files- Otixo File Manager

OtixoAs if organizing electronic files on your local drive hasn’t been hard enough, we now have electronic files in cloud-based services such as DropBox, Picasa, Google Drive, FTP servers, SugarSync, and a host of others. There is a great app, Otixo, that is a cloud-based file manager that helps to solve at least part of the problem. Otixo is essentially an app that allows you to view and access your data across multiple platforms. Otixo is not a hosting service all the data still resides on the original app, it merely provides a dashboard to manage all your cloud based files in one screen view. It uses an OAuth to connect to your accounts, so it doesn’t see nor collect usernames and passwords. The platform also allows users to click and drag files from one cloud-based platform to another. You can also preview, delete, rename, organize and search across multiple platforms all within Otixo.

Another great feature is Otixo Spacestheir ‘spaces’ which is a collaboration tool. Let’s say you are working with vendors or contractors on some projects. They of course have an on-line platform they use, DropBox, and your company prefers Google Drive. Until now, usually one entity has to compromise to use another’s platform. With Otixo, you don’t have too. Otixo allows a collaboration space to be created that will connect multiple accounts and platforms. The user who sets up the space can provide permissions to users. Otixo also tracks all activity and provides an easy log to see who has accessed, changed, and updated files to a space. You can add notes and comments to documents that are separated from the document but easily seen in Otixo.

This is an excellent and well-designed app to help manage cloud-based files and applications. And a great deal at $47.90 per year or 4.99 per month.

Meeting Note App Recommendations

With tablets becoming more popular in the office one primary use is having them in  meetings and being able to access handouts as well as taking notes. The following are some recommended meeting note applications for tablet users;

Noteability. Notability  integrates handwriting, PDF annotation, typing, recording, and organizing so you can take notes electronically on the tablet.

Mind Jet. Mindjet for iPad® lets you easily enter ideas, tasks, and meeting notes into intuitive visual maps that help you quickly organize concepts and prioritize action items.

Note Taker HD. Note Taker HD is only for the apple ipad. Notes can be taken via typewritten or handwritten via stylus. It has the ability to add in shapes, graphics and charts. It also has the ability to email notes.

Evernote. This is a more robust app that not only takes meeting notes but is like a personal Google organizer for users information.

Penultimate. A leading handwriting app for iPad, purchased by Evernote in 2012. It can email images and files in PDF format and works with Evernote and Dropox.

 NotePad Pro. This app has the ability to record audio while typing or drawing. It will save notes as  PDF that can be emailed with audio files.