Along with benefits of improved productivity and reduced commute time, there are challenges in remote, mobile and telework environments. One challenge is working in a smaller shared space in close proximity with others. In smaller shared environments, it is important to be more conscientious of others. Here are a few tips when working in remote work environments.

  • Be mindful of volume when talking. When needing extensive conversations, or in the case certain individuals might be louder speakers, use the quiet rooms.
  • Make sure to organize and clear off the desk area nightly before leaving the office. Put back any office supplies and/ kitchen items so that the desk is ready for another staff member.
  • If a larger space is needed and/or two desk areas to do work is needed then make sure to communicate with colleagues.
  • Mute volume on phone and computer. When possible mute the phone and computer if the noises might be distracting to others. Consider using a headset if the ringers and alarms are necessary.
Remote Work Environments: Protocol Working in a Shared Space