Speaking & Presentations

From motivational to practical, Officiency offers a number of short, inspiring presentations presented by author of Organize Your Work Day in No Time K.J. McCorry, and can be customized for conferences, events, company meetings, membership organizations, community groups and special events.

Timeframes range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the event and audience.

Keynote Speeches

If you are planning a conference or special event, K.J. can provide an informative and motivational keynote. Getting more organized and creating more time in your life are universal desires. Ask K.J. to be the Speaker at your next event.

K.J. McCorry, President
K.J. McCorry, Officiency President

Presentation Topics

The 10 Habits to Lead You to Organizational Success
Do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed or unproductive at the end of your workday?

In today’s busy world it's important to be as effective as possible given the limited amount of time in a day. Learn the top 10 organizational habits to improve your work efficiency. In this presentation you'll learn how to better organize documents, manage email, increase your effectiveness and reduce time-wasted activities.

Working Efficiently in the Digital World
Workers now can work from anywhere: at home, the office, a coffee shop or on the beach!

And the amount of data and priorities we receive on a daily basis continues to rise. In this presentation, participants will learn key organizational strategies to work more effectively and efficiently in the digital world and working remotely.

Creating A Purposeful Day: Managing Your Time Effectively
Do you seem to never get it all done?

In this presentation learn how to make the most effective use of your time at work. Knowing what you want to accomplish, establishing priorities and reducing interruptions and sabotages creates more satisfaction and ensures a proactive, productive day.

Get the Balance and Work Life You Deserve
In today's technology and face-paced world are you able to maintain a sense of work/life balance?

Work seems to penetrate into after hours and on weekends resulting in the feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed and a general lack of enthusiasm for life. In this presentation participants will understand the key barriers to work/life balance and how to effectively navigate them to get the life they deserve.