Productivity Consulting for Individuals

Officiency's professional organizing consultants will help employees develop systems so they feel in control of their workday and increase their personal productivity. Through a hands-on, customized approach, Officiency consultants work with individuals to transform their organizational habits can so they can be maintained for a lifetime.

4 Steps to Improving Productivity:

Step 1: Digital Organization

Officiency consultants begin helping individuals develop a digital file structure and organize their electronic documents. Document locations on local drives, cloud-based systems and other IT systems will be assessed and best location clarified. Participants will gain strategies on how to name documents and manage versions for easy retrieval and searching.

Step 2: Email Management

Officiency will provide key strategies and methods to manage daily email. We will review the best methods of saving and organizing email messages, and develop a customized filing structure. We will also review the key functions to utilize in email systems such as Outlook and Gmail.

Step 3: Time and Task Efficiency

Officiency will assess current time management practices and habits by reviewing the individuals' current method of tracking calendar, task, phone messages, meeting notes and other information that often end up on Post-it® notes. We will discuss how to utilize functionality in productivity tools such as Outlook and Gmail to improve managing time and support getting tasks done.

Step 4: Paper Management

Officiency will design a paper-flow system to manage the incoming mail, handouts and paper materials that an individual receives regularly. We will work with individuals to develop a decision-making process of what types of paper can be recycled, scanned or filed. We strive to encourage participants to manage information electronically so that paper management is reduced. Ideally, we encourage keeping paper files only for quick reference and active projects.