Studies show that online meetings are more effective when the camera is in use and participants can see each other. Having the camera on for one-on-one meetings as well as small groups enables better communication during the conversation. It will also assist in keeping participants focused in the conversation.

Make sure to position the camera from a straight on view so it looks like the person is looking at themselves in the eyes.  If a person is looking to the left at the image of other people and the video camera is on the right, it looks like the person is just staring off to the side. Be sure to test the camera before an online meeting to make sure a person sees them from the participant’s point of view.

Be also aware of what is in the background behind where the person is sitting. Be mindful to keep a home office organized and clutter free. Be mindful of objects or items shown in the background of cameras that could be distracting and/or unprofessional.

Online Meetings: Improve Communication by Using the Camera