Leadership Transition Services

Providing interim executive leadership or consulting

Officiency can provide interim executive leadership or leadership transition consulting services for nonprofit organizations. Having an external consultant can assist assessing the organization objectively and provide support to the board of directors while an executive search is being conducted. Transitions can be difficult and stressful but they can also be opportunities for change and reflection of where the organization can improve.

Officiency provides the following leadership transition services:

  • Conduct a comprehensiveĀ financial and organizational assessment and identify key areas where operational support, resources and personnel are needed
  • Create, revise or consolidate policies and procedures to streamline operations
  • Organize all digital and paper records to ensure key documentation is retained
  • Develop onboarding materials to ensure a smooth and efficient executive transition
  • Manage board of director's meetings, committees and initiatives
  • Manage staff and provide team building to maintain staff morale and commitment during the transition
  • Ensure the strategic and operational plans continue to move forward
  • Event management leadership for annual conferences or fundraisers
  • Review and revise the Executive Director job description
  • Assist with the recruitment and hiring process for the new Executive Director
  • Recruit and hire staff, as needed
  • Fundraise to support organizations budget