How to Organize Files for Shared Drive Networks

How to Organize Electronic Documents for Shared Drive Networks

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This 80-page guidebook is designed to guide IT staff, technology and organizing consultants (or assigned project managers) in a process to organize electronic documents on shared drive networks. This guide describes the steps—from assessment to implementation—required to establish a common practice for managing electronic documentation on a shared drive network.

This guide provides instructions to use the Microsoft Excel document named "Shared Drive Guidelines and File Structure Template Form," a worksheet that was developed to use to tailor and document specific document management guidelines for each organization. This worksheet is provided with the guidebook as part of the purchase.

Although many organizations feel that members of their IT and/or administrative departments can manage this aspect, often these areas are unsure how to facilitate, manage or proceed with this type of project. This guidebook will help internal staff, IT consultants and/or professional organizers organize and prepare for the project and facilitate departments in re-organization of the shared drive and developing sound electronic data management practices.

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