Desktop search tools or systems are becoming more important for users to easily find data that is in multiple formats and systems. The search function in Windows Explorer is very slow and cumbersome. To help users find information more quickly, organizations could invest in a desktop search tool, such as one of the following available desktop tools.

Google Desktop: This is a free desktop search tool. It will perform searches on multiple hard drives, email programs, and the Internet. The challenge of using Google Desktop for most companies is the access it provides to Google’s server. For security and privacy-based purposes, most companies opt out of using it.

Copernic: One of the leading desktop search tools available, it has individual and enterprise-wide applications available. Prices are under $60 per user.

Brainware: An extremely robust enterprise-wide search and indexing software, Brainware is intended for large organizations and data files.

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Desktop Search Tool Recommendations