Productivity Blog Recommendations

Productivity Blog Recommendations

In order to support those New Year resolutions on being more organized and productive, take time to read from some experts on the subject. Here is a list of recommended productivity and organizational efficiency blogs:

Officiency: Ok, shameless plug, but we do offer a specialized focus on how to utilize technology to improve productivity including application resources and tips. Check out the categories to the right for various topics.

Zen Habits: Definitely one of the top blogs on simplicity and life balance. Leo Babauta is rated as one of the Top 25 blogs on productivity.

LifeHacker: LIfehacker has a series of topics it blogs on, one of which is productivity in the office and at work.

Your Life. Organized.: Monica Ricci, a professional organizer, based out of Atlanta writes on how to organize your life. She is witty and funny and always has some great tips.

ClutterDiet Blog: Lorie Marrero, author of the Clutter Diet book and program, includes hands-on videos to show you how to be more organized in your home and life.

David Allen: Author of Getting Things Done, David Allen, writes blog posts for the Huffington Post on personal and organizational productivity.

The Principles of Organization- Consistency

With any organizing system developed, it is important to apply the organizing principles in order to find what you need, when you need it. There are four primary principles of organizing; consolidation, categorization, creating a home and consistency. These principles can be applied to any area of your office and are key to consider before creating any new office system.

Consistency: Systems are only as good as they are used. The key is to remain consistent with maintaining systems and organizational habits. Effective and creative office, communication and filing systems can be formed but unless consistency in using and maintaining them occurs, the system will be useless. No one wants to take time to ‘get organized’ that is why it is important for individuals to create the habit to ‘be organized’. Organization should become a way of habit and not one more task on a list. Eventually the new habits will supersede the old ones and the principle of consistency will be employed.