Computer PC Tips: Windows 8 Getting Started Reference

As organizations start upgraded their PC systems, users will start to see the Windows 8 operating system. Here are a few guides and reference to get you started using Microsoft Windows 8.

Custom Guide Online Learning windows-8-start-screenpublished a great Windows 8 Quick Reference Card, that is a great reference tool for new Windows 8 users.

PC Magazine has a great article for the basics you need to know with Windows 8, 15 Windows 8 Tips to Get You Started.

PC World offers some wonderful quick video tutorials on Windows 8. Everything from apps to cleaning up Windows Explorer.

ComputerWorld has a good article on 10 Windows 8 tips, tricks and hacks.

Time Management: Are You Late for Meetings: Try Procrastinator’s Clock

A clock that can be installed on your computer and displays the time up to 15 minutes early, you just don’t know. Good for those individuals who just can’t seem to be on time for meetings and appointments. The procrastinator’s clock shows time early to help those individuals be triggered to leave for meetings and appointments and hopefully arrive on time or maybe not as late.

Here are the options for Procrastinator’s Clock

  • clock on deskProcrastinator’s Clock: Free download from CNET
  • iGoogle: Google has their own procrastinator’s clock that you can add to your Google homepage.
  • Dave Seah designed a procrastinator’s clock that just opens in your browser if you prefer not to download any app.

The Six Steps to Planning Your Week: Free Online Training

Officiency is in progress to launch their online time management training series. You can now view one of the first courses, The Six Steps to Planning Your Week  free!

This course on planning your week will review how to plan for your upcoming week’s tasks and activities. You will learn the six areas to review when planning and how to effectively approach each area.  There is a variety of time management resources available including an article on Selecting a Task List System.

Click here for more information on Officiency online trainings. If you would like to schedule an in-person training on Time and Email Efficiency, contact us!