Too Much to Read and Not Enough Time– Consider an e-reader

Do you want time to read but just can’t seem to find it in your office?

An e-book device is a device specifically designed for reading material. It can hold a large amount of reading material and minimize weight, especially if you like reading more than one book at a time.

They are very useful when you have a lot of white papers, reports and other PDF type documents to read and just don’t get time in your office. It allows you to get away from your computer to a more conducive reading environment to concentrate and absorb the information.

The e-readers have easy search capabilities especially when looking for that one phrase, quote or topic. They also have the ability to take electronic notes or highlight text. The Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader are good, basic e-readers and do well in bright sunlight. The Apple iPad can also be an e-reader with a lot more computer features and functionality.

Pick 5 Tasks for the Day

Take action on the tasks that you have determined that you need to do today or this week. I suggest not picking more than 5 items from your task list per day. You need to be your own judge of how many items you can reasonably get accomplished when you are juggling the other daily demands of meetings, e-mails, phone calls and interruptions. Initially, select 5 items from your task list, but you might need to reduce that amount depending on your job and workload.

Delete Unwanted Tasks

Delete those tasks that, for whatever reason, no longer need to be completed. If you find that certain action items are not important and most likely will never get done, then delete them off your list and feel guilt free.