Work Remotely Effectively Training

training for working remotelyWith companies encouraging employees to work remotely, it is important to prepare workers to work effectively in out-of-office or home-office environments. Successful remote and teleworkers have a combination of strong communications with their office coupled with superb computer and organizational skills.

This workshop is designed to help participants understand the issues and challenges working remotely or teleworking and provide specific and actionable methods and systems to address these constraints. Participants will learn how to use their productivity tools (i.e. Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!) more effectively and become paperless in managing data. Participants will also learn how to use their IT tools along with proper time management to improve communications with their colleagues in their office. Strategies will also be addressed on how to set attainable goals and prioritize to get the desired performance results whether working in or out of the office. Upon completion of the class each participant will develop commitments and an action plan.

Learning Objectives

Utilize Outlook (or other productivity tools) more efficiently to track calendar, tasks and contacts

Improve communications with colleagues and supervisors

Identify preferred styles of communication for themselves and others in order to develop effective communication plans

Understand the key aspects and tools needed to set up an effective home-office environment

Learn to sort, organize and manage incoming email in a timely manner

Discover how to become ‘paperless’ and be more organized electronically

Understand the process of prioritization

Learn to manage home interruptions successfully

Manage action items and tasks effectively to achieve desired performance results

Maintain organization and proper time management through effective daily and weekly planning

Identify and articulate participant commitments to improving remote worker habits

Seminar Length: 4-8 hours
Class Size: 10-30 participants
Materials: 40 page workbook provided
Seminar Location: On-site at company
Equipment: LCD projector and easel chart

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