Email Etiquette & Management Training

email etiquetteThis workshop will focus on appropriate email etiquette as well as email management techniques. Email is now the primary communication tool in the workplace and it is vital to have solid communications within the workplace be consistent, relevant, and proper. Various studies have reported that the average worker is spending daily between 2-4 hours to manage email. Analysts also predict that email volume will double within the next 5 years. With email in-boxes overflowing and considerable time spent managing email it is important to craft email that is easy to read, respond, find and take action. Participants will learn not only skills to improve their communications but how to increase effectiveness and efficiency with email.

Learning Objectives

Email Management and Efficiency

  • Learn the three key strategies to managing email
  • Learn the five steps to process email inboxes
  • Learn strategies to tag and identify email action items
  • Learn the four ways to organize, save and file email messages
  • Understand how and why to archive email messages
  • Gain strategies on how to deal with large inboxes
  • Learn about the search functions within the email system
  • Learn how to maximize functionality with email systems to improve efficiency
  • Gain skills on how to manage email with mobile devices

Creating Effective Email Communications

  • Understand the purpose and reason for email etiquette and protocol
  • Learn how to write effective email subject lines
  • Gain strategies in getting quick email response
  • Understand formatting guidelines to make email easy to read and respond to
  • Review the basic contents to get quick response and improve communications
  • How to respond to inappropriate email messages
  • Understand basic legality to email retention
  • Learn key questions to ask before sending an email
  • Review the basic international protocol with email communications

Seminar Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 10-30 participants
Materials: 20 page workbook provided
Seminar Location: On-site at company
Equipment: LCD projector and easel chart

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