Conduct High-Impact Meetings Training

email etiquetteAccording to a study by the Wharton Center for Applied Research, senior executives spend 53% of their time in meetings, costing upwards of $50,000 per year per executive. Middle managers and their meetings cost companies more than $20,000 per employee. A key complaint of meetings is that they are a waste of time and not valuable. It is vital that managers learn to have fun, effective and high-quality meetings. This workshop empowers managers and employees to improve the quality and effectiveness of their meetings. Participants will learn how to effectively facilitate and participate in a meeting to create successful interactions and achieve outcomes. They will also learn the basic steps to good and effective meeting management. Strategies will also be addressed on how to come to closure on decisions, and clearly identify next action steps to ensure participants are clear and engaged.

Learning Objectives

Understand the common challenges to meetings

Learn the 5 questions to ask before planning a meeting

Identify the key aspects to cover when planning an agenda

How to develop rules of engagement for high-impact meetings

Understand the key role of a meeting facilitator

Learn how to conduct effective meetings to build team strength and trust

How to capture and record meeting notes for effectiveness

Discover how to manage difficult and challenging participants in meetings

Identify and articulate participant commitments to creating more effective meetings in their workplace

Seminar Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 10-30 participants
Materials: 25 page workbook provided
Seminar Location: On-site at company
Equipment: LCD projector and easel chart

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