About Officiency, Inc.

Officiency® is dedicated to increasing productivity and efficiency in businesses throughout the nation. Since 1996, we have worked in large and small business, government and non-profit organizations to help people automate and streamline their company operations. Officiency provides consulting and training programs that help employees learn to be more effective and productive in the workplace.

We strive to make the environment and the community part of our mission and values. We encourage clients to become ‘paperless’ and utilize their electronic systems for managing data. We recycle as much waste as possible during our organizing sessions and office relocations and utilize local recycling and reuse resources. We also donate 2% of our profits to various non-profit organizations.

Officiency® is committed to:

Communication: We carefully listen to our client's needs and desires when designing productivity systems and solutions.

Customization: We believe there is no one 'right way' to be efficient. We design systems to address the needs of the individual, team or corporate culture.

Comfort: We provide options and choices, giving our client a strong sense of control over their work environment and comfort in the systems we design.

Commitment: We get the job done with the utmost in professional ethics.

Cost/Value: We provide high value for a reasonable cost. Through our system improvements our client's save time and money.

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